Payment of the parking lot and the camping siteCeļinieks

Parking for cars:

1 EUR/h or 6 EUR/day (until 24.00 of the relevant date, regardless of the start time)

Parking for minibuses, campers, etc. vehicles:

12 EUR/day (24 hours from the moment of payment)

Terms of use
  1. This parking lot (Car Park) is private property. It is allowed to park only vehicles (Vehicles) registered according to the procedures specified in the regulatory acts with appropriately installed state registration number plates. The control of compliance with the parking rules (Rules) is carried out by SIA “Goldbeck Quelle”, registration no. 42103058995, Legal Address: Kolbergis 4 – 9, Kolbergis, Jaunaluksnes Parish, Alūksnes District, LV-4350, Latvia, Tel. +37126356200, e-mail –,, hereinafter referred to as Goldbeck
  2. The Rules, based on Articles 1428, 1535 and 1537 of the Civil Law, are a contract for the use of the Parking Lot, which is concluded between absent parties. The contract for the use of the Parking Lot is concluded when the Vehicle user parks the Vehicle in the Parking Lot, thus expressing the wish to use the Parking Lot
  3. The user of the vehicle has the right to use the Parking for a fee for a time chosen independently by paying in advance according to the tariff rate set in the Parking, which can be seen on the notice board or on the Goldbeck website. Prepayment must be paid when starting to use the Parking lot using the mobile app.
  4. The user of the vehicle is given a free reflection time of 15 minutes, during which the user has the right to decide on using the service.
  5. A mobile app is used to use the parking lot for a fee, which can be accessed by reading the QR code on the notice board or by entering through the Goldbeck website and pressing the link (Button) > [Autostāvvietas “Ceļinieks” apmaksa / Parking fee] In addition to the Terms, the vehicle user must also follow the payment service conditions of the provider. In this case it is SEB bank.
  6. In case of different interpretation of the Terms and conditions of the agreement on payment services, the Terms shall apply.
  7. If, for technical reasons, it is not possible to make a payment using the mobile app, the owner of the vehicle informs about it by calling or sending an SMS to tel. 26621937, specifying the vehicle no.
  8. Control of compliance with the rules is carried out by Goldbeck representatives independently, using technical means (photo equipment or video equipment), and the data recorded by Goldbeck representatives are considered as evidence of the actual conditions.
  9. Goldbeck processes the data of Vehicle owners (keepers) to ensure the performance of the contract and stores them until the performance of the contract and until the expiration of the statute of limitations. The data subject can request information about his data, make changes or request deletion of data, submit objections and request restriction of processing, exercise the right to data portability and file a complaint with the supervisory authority. In the event of non-fulfilment of the payment obligations provided for in the Terms, the data may be transferred to debt recovery service providers authorized by Goldbeck. More detailed information on data processing can be found at in the Privacy Policy section.
  10. The vehicle user is responsible for the safety of the Vehicle parked in the Parking Lot and the property in it.
  11. Offering or promoting promotional materials, distributing goods, placing devices that play promotional audio materials or trailers with promotional materials without prior agreement with Goldbeck is prohibited. A fine of 500 EUR is applicable for placing an advertisement in the parking lot without approval.
  12. Stopping and parking of vehicles in the Parking lot is allowed in accordance with the instructions on parking of light passengers or minibuses and campers, the road traffic procedures specified in regulatory acts, informational signs, horizontal road markings, and without hindering the use of the Parking lot by other users.
  13. Goldbeck has the right to apply a contractual penalty in the amount of EUR 20 (Twenty Euros and 00 cents), for which a penalty receipt is issued in cases where the parking space is used without payment, exceeding the time specified in paragraph 4 or if the Parking Space is used in violation of the requirements of Clause 12 of the Regulations. The contractual penalty is not applied if the owner of the vehicle has performed the actions mentioned in clause 7 of the Regulations
  14. Liquidated damages exclude damages. The payment of the contractual penalty must be made within 14 days from the issuance of the penalty receipt. After applying the contractual penalty, the Vehicle must leave the Parking Lot immediately.
  15. In cases of violations of Clause 12 of the Rules or in cases of long-term violations (lasting more than 48 hours), Goldbeck has the right to move the Vehicle or, based on Articles 1735 and 1736 of the Civil Law, use the right of detention. The costs of moving the vehicle are borne by the user of the vehicle. The use of the right of retention of the vehicle is terminated after the payment of the applied penalty.